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Ancillary Items & Other Building Types

Independent Portable Buildings have an extensive product range of accessory items, as well as other types of transportable buildings for hire or purchase, such as:

  • Canteen kitchen/kiosk buildings
  • Shower buildings
  • Unisex toilet buildings
  • Disabled facility buildings
  • Office complex infill modules
  • Laundry buildings
  • Containers, storage units
  • Decks, steps, platforms, hand rails and ramp sections
  • Lockers
  • Septic pump out, fibreglass holding tanks
  • Fresh water storage, fibreglass holding tank and pumps
  • Water bubblers
  • Ice making machines
  • Work stations
  • Office partition sound insulation barriers
  • Office furniture
  • Lunch room amenities associated furniture

Septic Tank Cleaning, Pumping & Maintenance

The septic is a natural treatment system that makes use of the bacteria present in wastes. Even in the best conditions ‘septic’s’ will need to be pumped out due to the buildup of solids. What you put down your drains and toilets has a lot to do with how well your pump-out system performs.

Sewage management systems do not manage well to shock loads. In the case of a pump out system, e.g, 3 or 4washing loads completed in quick sequence will flood the chambers. Long showers, leaking toilets and dripping taps can all lead to large pump out bills and possible overflows from the system.

Clients are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the tank does not leak
  • Getting the system fixed quickly if it does leak
  • Maintaining the system
  • Regular Inspections
  • ‘Desludging’ the tank when it is full
  • Complying with your local council requirements for installation, maintenance service and operation and paying fees for inspections and maintenance.

Technical Terms

  • Septic System – any kind of sewage management system that stores, treats or discharges sewage
  • Sewage – the waste matter from premises normally discharged to a sewer
  • Effluent – Liquid discharged from a septic system or sewage treatment facility
  • Greywater (Silage) wastewater from domestic laundry and ablution areas (and some kitchen sinks), but not from toilets or bidets (Blackwater)

Your septic may need attention if any of these conditions occur

  • The air around the septic smells like rotten eggs or It has not been checked for 12 months