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Independent Portable Buildings are a private, 100% Australian, family owned company.

As a customer you should now that when dealing with IPB Hire you are dealing directly with the company owners.

IPB Hire pride ourselves on establishing long lasting customer relationships and any of our new customers quickly appreciate being dealt with in a timely manner & not being given the typical corporate company run around when things need to be resolved on site in a prompt & efficient manner.

IPB Hire have an ever-increasing large hire fleet of buildings that can handle projects of any size.

IPB Hire operate on a large scale,  providing temporary transportable building solutions for some of Sydney’s largest construction projects.

However, IPB Hire’s main appeal to that of our our industry competitors is that we continue to maintain our family owned company values, meaning that our customers are always treated with the utmost importance and value.

Independent Portable Buildings constructs portable/modular buildings, supplying prefabricated buildings, mobile sales offices, modular medical clinics and permanent modular schools. IPB Hire maintain a large rental fleet of single-wide and multi-wide buildings including, Ablutions, Change rooms, Kitchens, Stackable Offices, Lunchrooms and complexes.

The buildings are designed to meet all of the specific requirements and needs of the customer.

Portable buildings differ in type, complexity, inclusions and finishes. They may be used in the same position for many years, or may be used for a short period of time and then removed. The buildings include full electrics and plumbing.

Using modular building technology, our commercial construction department specializes in design-build projects providing turnkey permanent buildings along with full design assistance, conceptual floor plans, colour elevations and full budget consultation. If you are in need of high-quality space for your operation, IPB can provide you with a cost-effective, permanent solution ready for occupancy at a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction.

  1. Streamlined construction process – in many cases occupancy occurs 50% faster than with conventional construction.
  2. Resource efficient – less labour and fewer materials wasted.
  3. Reduced environmental impact – less site damage, less material exposure and less waste in landfills.

Commercial modular buildings are non-residential structures, 60% to 90% completed “off-site” in a controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final building site. This can comprise the entire building or be components or sub-assemblies of larger structures.

Transportable Construction vs Traditional Construction

Portable buildings are a good option over bricks and mortar when you need a building fast. Portable Buildings are assembled in a quality controlled factory then transported to site generally 95% complete. Where traditional type construction is completed entirely on site where you are contending with weather & labour issues.

Transportable Buildings give you a 50% faster occupancy schedule & arrive 95% complete – quality controlled ready for Turn Key

Pre-Fabricated Construction

Day 1 Factory Construction Begins
Day 25 Site Preparation – footings
Day 30 Buildings are transported to site for loading onto footings
Day 35 Plumbing, Electrical, decks, stairs and awnings are underway
Day 40 Site clean-up – ready for occupancy

Traditional Construction

Day 1 Site Preparation
Day 40 Foundations complete
Day 80 Windows installed
Day 130 Electrical and Plumbing
Day 180 Ready for occupancy

Source: Construction timeline based on Census Bureau report on New Residential Construction Average Length of Time from Start to Completion