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Maintenance of Portable Buildings

Depending on the building, most relocatable buildings will need a freshen up over the years. Modular buildings are usually located in high traffic areas which can give the appearance of the building being older then it generally is.  Our service team will renew your asset and give it a fresh lease on life.


IPB understands the need to maintain your assetsin good quality order and keep up to date with modern trends; our trades can re-design to your specificationin all forms of refurbishment. New Guttering, Panel rib, Air conditioning, Window and Door replacement, Security bars, ventilation, Insulation, roof sheeting, internal wall linings, desks and cupboards can all be replaced to make it look and feel like a new building.


Improving your existing building with energy efficient equipment can give the building a new lease on life and save you money.  IPB trades have the expertise to alter your present layout to whatever requirement you need. No matter how large, or small, we are happy to facilitate your requirement.Updating the old outdated parts with new technology will increase the value and life of your building.


Maintenance Agreement

IPB have a vast array of professional trades available for programmed maintenance of your building and equipment. IPB can fix or replace existing parts they may have deteriorated over time. Keeping your assets in good working order will extend there working life. Preventative maintenance is effective in preventing age related failures of the equipment.



IPB has gained the knowledge and practical experience required to ensure your relocation is a smooth transition from start to finish. We can handle with the utmost ease the complete transition from one location to another in the most cost effective manner. Use of Hiab crane trucks, forks, cranes and trucks make the process quick and safe.

Building checks
Roof Sheeting