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Air Conditioning

Should you require a standard wall mounted air conditioner, split system, ducted air or even state of the art pressurized HVAC systems, IPB can provide reliable and quality products to cater for your commercial and residential requirements.

IPB have qualified trades personnel to carry out installation/removal works. IPB can also arrange to undertake regular servicing and maintenance of your air conditioning units.




IPB can provide you with different vinyl products and various colour options. Our Vinyl generally is a commercial industrial grade 2.00mm thick hard wearing water resistant vinyl floor covering.

IPB can also arrange to have one of our trade professional’s supply and install new vinyl linings to your floor surface for a new look and feel.





IPB can provide you with different commercial industrial carpet choices in various colour options. Carpet tiles can also be a good option for ease and convenience of cleaning in high traffic areas. Carpet is a great sound absorbent, similar to many acoustic materials you can buy. Carpet works well in building complexes and working stations.  A good underlay will also help with noise absorption.

IPB can also arrange to have one of our trade professionals supply and install new carpet to your floor surface.




IPB can supply you with any additional sandwich panel or panel rib linings that you may require. There are many different profiles to choose from. It doesn’t have to be the standard corrugated look. The new steel products available can transform your structure into a modern contemporary building. With choices from Lysaght, Bondor  and Metrol in Zincalume, Ultra steel, Trimdeck  and Colorbond the look, feel, colour and texture can make a world of difference, without costing a fortune.

These panels can be placed on the wall linings and also the roof sheeting. Our trades can install and carry out your desired retro-fit or refurbishment works required.





Insulation is fitted in our wall and ceiling cavities to give improved temperature Control. New improved technology in insulation gives advanced thermal performance in reflecting heat with its thin metallic skin, we also use the thick glasswool batts which help with sound absorption and both increase comfort and decrease energy consumption.

Air Conditioning
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