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Installation and Siteworks of Portable Buildings


IPB have the knowledge and engineering capabilities to design a complete package that will deliver a peered footing design that will cater for the harshest conditions utilizing any of the following methods.

  1. Solid dry laid concrete blocks
  2. Peered concrete base footings
  3. Steel gantry structure
  4. Concrete slab structure

For more detailed images please feel free to ask us to email you some images for your information.



We have many different types of complex buildings in our fleet. Some being stackable complete with internal and external access. Our buildings start in size from 24m2 up to 1200m2. Large construction sites, hospitals, railways and roadwork companies take advantage of the large complexes to keep the site working cohesively on the same grounds.

Service Connections

IPB specialized trade personnel have vast experience gained in working on some of the most exciting projects throughout NSW& interstate. At IPB we enjoy the challenge to deliver the very best service no matter how remote or difficult the task brings. Our Electrical staff can work in with your trades or complete all works needed.


Roof Overs

Steel frame module sections of roof overs are specifically designed for a safe working healthy environment. These roof overs are built to national codes in factory controlled settings. All tailored to the sites conditions. Breeze ways and lighting can be included. Clear alysnite sheeting can maximise natural light.


IPB have formed strong working relationships with several selected crane companies that are committed to working together to our stringent work methods& safety requirements, together with minimising delays on site. Thus, delivering the most cost effective alternative, ensuring our methods arrive on budget each and every time.


Decks, Stairs & Landings

IPB have the expertise and quality trades personnel to design and install your required decks, steps, disabled ramps and walkways to engineers design criteria.
Our Decks are designed with ventilation and all fire egress ingress points.Deck and landing areas can be constructed fromeither metal or wood, or alternatively, a combination of both materials. Deck, stairs and landing areas can be finished with safety yellow paint, or a colour to match the surrounding environment.