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IPB can offer alternative transportation options, for whatever carrier mode that your site may require.

Over the years, IPB have worked with some of the industries very best operators and trucking companies.

Some of the transportation modes available for your consideration are as followings.

Table Top & Semi Trailer Truck

IPB can fork lift load buildings onto table top trucks, within our holding yard.

However, your site will require an off loading method, to lift and place the building, once the truck arrives onto site.

Tilt Tray

Tilt tray transportation is the most common and most economical form of transporting, with consideration to self-loading and off-loading requirements.

Tilt tray truck delivery mode is more often than not the preferred option, so long as the delivery site address has access for the truck to back up to where the building is intended to be located & tilt slide the building into position.

Hiab Crane Truck

Should you site require buildings to be delivered and placed into a certain position, not assessable by Tilt Tray trucks, then the Hiab Crane truck may be the preferred option.

With a reach capacity of anywhere from 5.0 to 8.0m, depending on the individual Hiab lifting ability, the Hiab Crane truck is handy means of delivering and offloading on site, without having to arrange a crane for your site.

Drop Deck/Extendable Tray Truck

This particular transport mode is an option for over height and over size transportable building modules.

Also available with this transport mode are independent truck escorts, to move the larger buildings.

We can also provide statutory requirements, such as road permits and licenses, required to carry out legally our services to you, our client.

IPB can shrink wrap the building for preparation for overseas marine freight.

Should you require further information with regards to wide load transportation hours, wide load curfews or should you require an IPB representative to visit your site to undertake a site inspection then please feel free to call our office to arrange same.